YSU / YSUF Scholarship Application (2022-2023)

The following scholarships are awarded by submission of this application. Click each scholarship for a detailed description. Back to log in page.
AARP Scholarship
Abe Harshman Scholarship
Adlaka and Associates Scholarship
Advertising Club of Youngstown Scholarship
Aimee and Lulu Seidel Freshman Scholarship
Aimee and Lulu Seidel Scholarship for Sophomores
Ajit Kumar Scholarship
Al and Suzanne Fleming Scholarship
Alan & Carole Cope Scholarship
Alan and Sandra Baxter Scholarship
Albert & Adele Krotzer Scholarship Fund
Alexandra and Casimir Szmaj Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Altronic / Standard Slag Scholarship in Engineering
Alvey and Gladys Jones Memorial Scholarship
Anastasia Przelomski Scholarship
Andrea Wood Business Journal Scholarship
Angelo L. and Mary L. Ciavarella Scholarship
Anjulie Fitzsimons-Keegan Scholarship
Ann and Jerome Schmerin Scholarship
Anne Audrey Soos Scholarship
Anthony, Elizabeth, and Dr. Janet DelBene Chemistry Scholarship
Antonette L. Santangelo Memorial Scholarship in Education
Archie and Angela Finamore Memorial Scholarship
Arthur L. Jones Scholarship
Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) Scholarship
Baker-Napolitan Family Scholarship
Bakos Family Scholarship
Bartley and Sarah Doyle Scholarship
Bikulege Family Foundation Scholarship
Black Family Memorial Scholarship
Brittany Szwedko Memorial Scholarship
Bruce E. & Carol J. Sherman Family Scholarship
Bruno E. DeMolli Scholarship Endowment
Bryan K. and Edeltraud Reed Family Scholarship
C.J. Strouss Memorial Scholarship
Canfield Presbyterian Church
Carl Alexoff Scholarship
Carlo and Antonietta DeMolli Memorial Scholarship
Carol E. Cuthbertson Scholarship
Centofanti Veterans Scholarship
Charles and Linda Bishara Family Scholarship
Chase Bank Access Scholarship
Chase Bank Scholarship in Business
Cheryl Perdue-George Fregone Scholarship
Chuck Housteau Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
Chuparkoff Family Scholarship
Ciminero Scholarship
Cirenya Schroeder Rose Memorial Scholarship
Clara J. Ross Memorial Scholarship
Clifford O. Johnson Memorial Scholarship in Education
Cochran Diversity Fund in Engineering
Cohen and Company Scholarship
Commercial Intertech Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
Cope Farm Equipment Scholarship in Business
Cora E. Emerson Memorial Scholarship
Costas and Maria Yiannaki Scholarship
Credit Reporting Services Scholarship
Crime Clinic of Greater Youngstown Scholarship
Crishal Family Scholarship
Crumpler-Ray Scholarship for Law & Medicine
D. Jeane Merola Memorial Scholarship
Dan Ryan Memorial Scholarship
Dan and Terri Daniluk Family Scholarship
Daniel M. O'Hara Scholarship
Daniel and Helyn Moser Scholarship
Danny Price Scholarship
Dante J. Zambrini Memorial Scholarship
David E. and Anne C. Stout Accounting Scholarship
David E. and Linda S. Evans Scholarship
David F. and Barbara E. Alter Accounting Scholarship
David Michael Reves and Donna Lynn Reves Scholarship
David Weiss Memorial Scholarship
David and Helga Ives Humanities Scholarship
David and Helga Ives Veterans Scholarship
David and Mary Owen Family Scholarship
Deacon George & Jeanette Logan Memorial Scholarship
Dean Robert L. Miller and Department of Accounting and Finance Memorial Scholarship
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Scholarship
Delta Systems Scholarship
Dennis L. Byron Scholarship
Diversity Leadership Scholarship
Dolores Osberg Kreuzwieser Educational Scholarship
Dominic A. and Donna J. Falgiani, Jr. Scholarship
Dominic and Mary Pat Salomone STEM Scholarship
Don Guthrie Scholarship
Donald J. and Jennie M. Sebastian Scholarship
Donald and Ann Kaufman Scholarship in Education
Doris J. Saloom Scholarship
Dr. Alexander K. Phillips and Toula C. Phillips Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Barbara Brothers Scholarship in Education
Dr. Bertwin E. Einfalt Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Chatrchai and Eleanor Watanakunakorn Scholarship
Dr. Donald J. Milley Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Donald Marcy Scholarship
Dr. Donald R. and Marjorie H. Dockry Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Earnest and Doris Perry Diversity Scholarship
Dr. Jack D. Bakos Scholarship in Civil (Structural) Engineering
Dr. James T.E. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship
Dr. John N. Cernica Memorial Endowment
Dr. Karen L. Duda Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Kathleen Kougl Scholarship in Communication Studies
Dr. Keith and Kathy Brantley Pre-Med Scholarship
Dr. Leonard B. Spiegel Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Louis F. Centofanti Scholarship
Dr. Maxwell and Pauline Livingston Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Philip Ginnetti Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Pietro J. Pascale Scholarship
Dr. Ralph G. and Helen T. Crum Scholarship
Dr. Richard and Ruth Crepage Scholarship
Dr. Ronald A. Parise Scholarship
Dr. Ronald P. Volpe Scholarship
Dr. Sara Throop Scholarship in Education
Drs. Kimberly and Hal Burch Scholarship
Dudley and Donna Masters Scholarship in Engineering
E. L. Phillips Family Scholarship
Edmund J. Salata Scholarship
Edward F. and Mary Bradish Memorial Scholarship
Eileen Powers DeMolli Scholarship Endowment
Eleanor and Robert Zeman Scholarship
Elena Rose Herubin Scholarship
Elizabeth DeLuca and Rosemary Memo Scholarship
Emanuel N. Catsoules Scholarship
Emily A. Rochette Memorial Scholarship
Emily and Ronald Mackall Scholarship
Emma B. Jones Scholarship
Eugene C. Beach Memorial Scholarship
F.W. Bill Knecht III Scholarship
Ferdinand S. Jagatich Scholarship
Fireline, Inc. Scholarship
First National Bank Scholarship
Florence Amon Scholarship
Florence K. George Minority Scholarship
Florence K. George Scholarship
Frances A. Holliday Memorial Scholarship
Francis P. Conroy Scholarship on Civil Engineering
Frank M. Centofanti Scholarship
Frankie "Mr. Lucky" Halfacre Memorial Scholarship
GM Lordstown Complex STEM Scholarship
Gail T. Dennison Scholarship
Gamanlal "Gary" Patel Scholarship in Engineering
Gary Rich Scholarship for STEM Education
Gary and Shirley Elias Wuslich Scholarship
Gem Young Future Business Leaders MBA Scholarship
George Carl "Barney" Rumberg, Jr. Scholarship
George J. and Margaret A. Ceremuga Scholarship
George and Patty Lancaster Scholarship
George and Ruth Libertin Scholarship in Engineering
George and Zenovia Tunanidas Family Scholarship
Gerhard Stein Scholarship
Gerhard Stein Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
Gladys Saul Scholarship
Gloria Douglas Scholarship in Education for Minority Students
Grace and Blanche Vail Scholarship
Great River Learning Scholarship in Communication Studies
Greg and Alice Greenwood Scholarship
Gregory L. and Nancy A. Ridler Endowed Scholarship
Haig Ramage Scholarship
Harry & Helene Meyer Scholarship
Harry L. Johnson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Heart Center Scholarship in Honor of Arthur V. Whittaker, M.D. F.A.C.C.
Helen Edward Stoll Scholarship Fund
Helen M. (Dutko) Zeisloft Memorial Scholarship
Herbert S. and Agnes T. Wallis Scholarship
Herta Jackson Scholarship in Engineering
Hierro Family Scholarship
Hilda George Hanna Scholarship
Hill, Barth & King, LLC Scholarship Endowment
Honorable Erskine Maiden, Jr. Scholarship
Howard C. and Mildred D. Aley Memorial Scholarship
Howard W. Jones Scholarship
Howard and Jeanne Karr Memorial Scholarship
Hugh and Janet Fraile Pannunzio Scholarship
Huntington Bank Minority Scholarship
Ilas Family Scholarship in Engineering
Institute of Financial Education - Youngstown Chapter #2 Scholarship
International Business Scholarship
Isadore Zobel Scholarship
J.D. Williamson II Scholarship
JAD Williamson College of Business Scholarship
Jack and Rose Scott Scholarship in Engineering
Jamail Earl Johnson Memorial Scholarship
James B. Greene Scholarship
James Campbell Scholarship
James Centofanti Minority Scholarship
James L. Gallo Memorial Scholarship
James P. LaLumia Memorial Scholarship in Communication Studies
James and Edwina Crum Memorial Scholarship
James and Ellen Tressel Scholarship
Jeanne Mosure Scholarship
Jeff and Kimberly Simon Scholarship
Jeffrey L. Francis Memorial Scholarship
Jennifer Lynn Glick Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
Jerry J. Zupp, Jr. Scholarship in Engineering and Technology
Jim and Gere Weller Endowment
John C. Landers Scholarship in Engineering and the Sciences
John E. and Elizabeth C. Wallis Scholarship
John G. Yalch Scholarship
John J. and Lisa D. (Webb) Dubos Scholarship
John P. Donchess Jr. Accounting Scholarship
John Peter Julian Memorial Scholarship
John R. Greco Scholarship
John R. Ray and Mary Kathryn Ray Science and Math Awards
John Szmaj and Troy Brassard Memorial Scholarship
John V. Maglery Scholarship
John and Anna Stephens Scholarship
John and Elizabeth Keiser Scholarship
John and Josephine Jakubek Memorial Scholarship
John and Lillian Newman Scholarship
John and Lina Moteff Scholarship Fund
Johnson Controls Scholarship in Engineering or Engineering Technology
Jordan Bartholomew Memorial Scholarship
Joseph & Lillian Oleksak & Phyllis Oleksak Ashley Scholarship
Joseph C. Long Scholarship and Mae D. Turner Scholarship
Joseph Dolwick Scholarship
Joseph E. Smith Scholarship
Joseph L. O'Toole Jr. Scholarship
Joseph M. Schwebel Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Joseph P. Dolwick Scholarship
Joseph P. and Donna J. Sedzmak Scholarship
Joseph Pavlov, Jr. Minority Scholarship
Joseph Potochny Scholarship
Joseph S. Ohr, M.D., R. Ph. Memorial Scholarship in Forensic Science
Joseph S. and Betty C. Nohra Scholarship
Judge Nathaniel R. Jones Scholarship
Judith A. and Robert J. Back Scholarship in Education
Judith Anne Manus Memorial Scholarship
Karen Kinz Briggs Memorial College Fund
Keck Honor's Scholarship in STEM
Kenneth and Mary Potter Business Scholarship
Kenneth and Mary Potter Engineering Scholarship
Kevin D. Farris Scholarship
Koknat Family Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry
Krok Family Memorial Scholarship
Kurt and Diane Sauer Student Work Scholarship
Laddie J. Fedor Scholarship in Education
Lawrence R. and Garnet P. Anderson Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
Lee M. Booth Memorial Scholarship
Lena M. and Rudolph R. Centofanti Scholarship
Lena Teaff Viets Memorial Scholarship
Lenora and Jack Reel and Joe, Steve, and Pete Fabek Memorial Scholarship
Leonard 'Bud' and Delores 'Dolly' Olson Family Scholarship
Lewis and Retta Miller Scholarship
Lions Club of Youngstown (John Callos Memorial) Scholarship
Lions Club of Youngstown (Pauline Powers Memorial) Scholarship
Loretta Paiano Scholarship
Louis C. Liberatore Scholarship
Louis J. Gasser, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Lynn Alexander Zigoris and Thomas Zigoris Education Minority Scholarship
Lysle M. and Ina W. Shields Scholarship
Madonna Grant Jones Scholarship in Education
Malandro-Woodward Family Scholarship
Mansfield Family Scholarship
Margaret Brobst Scholarship
Margaret Zurrow Memorial Scholarship in Education
Marguerite Kauffman Thomas Scholarship
Maria Coutris Glinatsis Memorial Scholarship
Mario D. Ross Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie Hartman Foundation Scholarship
Mark E. Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Martin Family Scholarship
Mary B. Smith Scholarship
Mary Jean Michael Memorial Scholarship
Mary L. Fleming Scholarship
McCullough Williams Jr. Scholarship
Medical Mutual of Ohio Scholarships in Actuarial Science
Mel and Dorna Haught Family Scholarship in Education
Michael C. Conglose Sr. Scholarship
Michael J. Kovach, Jr. Scholarship
Michael R. Hura Scholarship
Michael S. Senchak-Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation School of Business MBA Scholarship
Michael Susko, Jr. and Susan B. Susko Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Michael Vallas-Mahoning Valley Hospital School of Business BSBA Scholarship
Michael and Suellen Weir Scholarship
Mike Helon Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Mike and Rocky Ray NTC Scholarship
Morgan Stanley Minority Scholarship
Mr. And Mrs. Walter C. Wollet Scholarships
Myron C. Wick, Jr. Scholarship
Nancy Fitori Kubina Scholarship
Nancy and David Stewart Scholarship
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors of Youngstown/Warren Memorial Scholarship
National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) Youngstown Scholarship
Neil D. Humphrey Scholarship
Nespo (Naseeb) Kaleel Scholarship
Nicholas H. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship
Nicoletti-Pisegna Family Scholarship
O'Horo Family Scholarship in Nursing
Officer Justin A. Leo 324 Memorial Scholarship in Education
PNC Bank Scholarship in Business
Palguta-Eicher Education Scholarship
Parker Hannifin Scholarship
Patricia F. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship
Patrick Ungaro Scholarship
Paul B. Banoczi Memorial Scholarship
Paul E. Martin Scholarship
Paul E. and Carolyn B. Shields Scholarship
Paul J. Powers Scholarship in Engineering
Paul J. and Marguerite K. Thomas Scholarship
Paul and Marguerite K. Thomas Scholarship in Economics
Penny Laakso Pavelko Math Education Scholarship
Perry L. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship
Pete Matsouris Scholarship
Peter George Parthemos Scholarship
Peter H. Milliken Journalism Scholarship
Peterson Family Scholarship
Philip A. Snyder Memorial Scholarship
Philip Meshel Scholarship in Computer Science
Philip and Kathylynn Feld Scholarship
Private Industry Council of Trumbull County, Inc. Scholarship
Quilty Family Scholarship
Ralph and Helen Yingst Scholarship in Chemistry
Rand D. and Eleanor Becker Memorial Scholarship
Raymond Baker Memorial Scholarship
Recipes of Youngstown Veterans Scholarship
Resch Scholars Program
Richard A. Marsico P.E., P.S. Scholarship
Richard J. Billak, Ph.D. Scholarship in Criminal Justice
Richard and Joan Murdock Scholarship
Richard and Mary Price Scholarship in Accounting
Richard and Mary Price Scholarship in Engineering
Robert E. Heltzel, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Robert E. Michael Dana School of Music Piano Scholarship
Robert J. and Judith A. Back Scholarship In Accounting
Robert L. and Marilyn R. Wagmiller Scholarship
Robert P. Glick Scholarship in Financial Management
Robert P. Mayberry, Sr. Scholarship
Robert W. Baxter Scholarship
Robert W. Michael Dana School of Music Guitar Scholarship
Robert W. Winterburn Scholarship
Robert and Julia (Holler) Kaliney Memorial Scholarship
Robinson Family Scholarship
Roger E. Gasser, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Roger Harold Slater Memorial Scholarship
Roger Harold Slater and Dawn Marie Slater (Withers) Memorial Scholarship
Roger and Gloria Jones Scholarship for STEM Students
Ronald Patrick Antonelli Memorial Scholarship
Ronald S. Kendall Memorial Scholarship
Ronald S. Schulz Memorial Scholarship
Ronald and Patricia (Pogacnik) Janci Scholarship
Rose and Frank Bernard Scholarship
Rotary Club of Youngstown Scholarship
Roth, a Sodexo Company, Scholarship
Ruth Roberts Scholarship
SCORE (Counselors to America's Small Business) Scholarship
Sally Watson Scholarship
Sam B. Biasucci and Joan E. Biasucci Scholarship
Sam E. and Barbara Abraham Memorial Scholarship
Sam and Sylvia Zoldan Memorial Scholarship
Samuel A. and Judy B. Roth Scholarship in Engineering
Schiraldi Family Scholarship
Schmutz Family Scholarship
Scholarship in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Scott R. Schulick Student Leadership Scholarship
Scott Thomas Wenger Memorial Scholarship
Seals Family Scholarship
Senator Maurice and Florence Lipscher Scholarship
Shirley Anne Mackall Boulton Scholarship
Shorty and Elba Lillian Navarro Scholarship for Students in Education, Nursing, Science, Technology, or Mathematics
Shorty and Elba Lillian Navarro Scholarship in Business
Shorty and Elba Navarro Scholarship
Simon-Vross Scholarship
Sister Jerome Corcoran Memorial Scholarship
State Teachers Retirement System, Inc. Scholarship
Steele Family Scholarship in Engineering
Stephen and Sandy Gurgovits Scholarship in Economics
Struthers-Liberty STEM Scholarship
Susan Spencer Briney Scholarship in Nursing
Swedish Central Society Scholarship
Taneja Family Scholarship
Ted and Karen Lenz Scholarship
Theodore J. Stitt Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Theodore P. and Evelyn H. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship
Theodore Pedas Family Scholarship
Theodore and Lisa Schmidt Scholarship
Thomas G. and Ellen H. Fitzsimons Scholarship
Thomas H. Kennedy Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Thomas J. Cavalier Scholarship
Thomas J. McCormick Memorial Scholarship
Thomas M. Humphries Scholarship
Thomas M. and Evelyn V. Stephens Scholarship
Thomas Pellizzeri Scholarship
Thomas and Maria Fok Scholarship
Tom Pemberton Memorial Scholarships
Vere and Nina Shaklee Scholarship
Victoria Berkey Kreiser Scholarship for Secondary Education
Vincent S. Bacon Scholarship
Vincenzo and Anna Rubino Memorial Scholarship
Viola Rodgers Vaughan/Rose Polito Bernard Scholarship
Virgil A. Hobart Scholarship
Virginia and Charles Toperzer Memorial Scholarship
Vivian D. Martin Memorial Scholarship
Vivian Johnson Evans Scholarship
WCBA Alumni Scholarship
WYSU-FM Broadcasting Scholarship
Walter A. See Memorial Scholarship
William F. Maag, Jr. Scholarship
William F. Maag, Jr. Vindicator Scholarship
William F. Smith Scholarship
William H. Farnell Memorial Scholarship
William J. Fitzsimons Scholarship
William Jenkins Scholarship
William Petrych Memorial Scholarship
William T. Bancroft II Memorial Engineering Scholarship
William T. Collins, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
William W. Battin Scholarship
William and Cynthy Carlisle Howard and Edith Howard Graham Scholarship for Business Majors
William and Margaret Bresnahan Scholarship
William and Margaret Spencer Scholarship in Engineering, Mathematics and the Sciences
William and Rebecca Dando Scholarship
Williamson Leadership Scholarship
Windrose Advisors Scholarship
Wolves Club Scholarship
XI XI Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing Scholarship
YSU Foundation Minority Scholarship
YSU Retired Women's Club Scholarship
Yazvac Family Scholarship
Youngstown State University Board of Trustees Scholarship
Youngstown State University Foundation Trustees Scholarship
Youngstown State University Institute on Taxation Scholarship
Youngstown Traffic Club, Inc. Scholarship
Zirafi Family Scholarship
Zita M. and Joseph Diyorio Scholarship in Accounting, Business, Economics, and Finance