YSU Foundation Scholarship Application

The following Youngstown State Foundation scholarships are awarded by submission of this application. Click each scholarship for a detailed description. Back to log in page.
Aimee and Lulu Seidel Freshman Scholarship
Aimee and Lulu Seidel Scholarship for Sophomores
Alan and Sandra Baxter Scholarship
Anastasia Przelomski Scholarship
Anne Audrey Soos Scholarship
Black Family Memorial Scholarship
Bryan K. and Edeltraud Reed Family Scholarship
C.J. Strouss Memorial Scholarship
Chase Bank Access Scholarship
Cheryl Perdue-George Fregone Scholarship
Chuparkoff Family Scholarship
Clara J. Ross Memorial Scholarship
Cora E. Emerson Memorial Scholarship
Costas and Maria Yiannaki Scholarship
Crime Clinic of Greater Youngstown Scholarship
Crishal Family Scholarship
Deacon George & Jeanette Logan Memorial Scholarship
Dennis L. Byron Scholarship
Dominic A. and Donna J. Falgiani, Jr. Scholarship
Dr. Donald R. and Marjorie H. Dockry Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Earnest and Doris Perry Diversity Scholarship
Eleanor and Robert Zeman Scholarship
Emily and Ronald Mackall Scholarship
Emma B. Jones Scholarship
Eugene C. Beach Memorial Scholarship
Ferdinand S. Jagatich Scholarship
Gail T. Dennison Scholarship
George J. and Margaret A. Ceremuga Scholarship
Gladys Saul Scholarship
Grace and Blanche Vail Scholarship
Haig Ramage Scholarship
Heart Center Scholarship in Honor of Arthur V. Whittaker, M.D. F.A.C.C.
Hilda George Hanna Scholarship
Honorable Erskine Maiden, Jr. Scholarship
Howard C. and Mildred D. Aley Memorial Scholarship
Howard W. Jones Scholarship
Isadore Zobel Scholarship
Jamail Earl Johnson Memorial Scholarship
James Campbell Scholarship
James L. Gallo Memorial Scholarship
James and Ellen Tressel Scholarship
Jeff and Kimberly Simon Scholarship
John R. Ray and Mary Kathryn Ray Science and Math Awards
John and Anna Stephens Scholarship
John and Josephine Jakubek Memorial Scholarship
John and Lillian Newman Scholarship
Joseph C. Long Scholarship and Mae D. Turner Scholarship
Joseph E. Smith Scholarship
Joseph M. Schwebel Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Potochny Scholarship
Judge Nathaniel R. Jones Scholarship
Karen Kinz Briggs Memorial College Fund
Lena Teaff Viets Memorial Scholarship
Louis C. Liberatore Scholarship
Louis J. Gasser, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Mario D. Ross Memorial Scholarship
Martin Family Scholarship
Mary B. Smith Scholarship
Mary L. Fleming Scholarship
Michael R. Hura Scholarship
Michael Susko, Jr. and Susan B. Susko Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Mike and Rocky Ray NTC Scholarship
Morgan Stanley Minority Scholarship
Mr. And Mrs. Walter C. Wollet Scholarships
Paul E. Martin Scholarship
Pete Matsouris Scholarship
Peterson Family Scholarship
Private Industry Council of Trumbull County, Inc. Scholarship
Resch Scholars Program
Richard J. Billak, Ph.D. Scholarship in Criminal Justice
Richard and Joan Murdock Scholarship
Robinson Family Scholarship
Ronald and Patricia (Pogacnik) Janci Scholarship
Rose and Frank Bernard Scholarship
Ruth Roberts Scholarship
Sally Watson Scholarship
Schmutz Family Scholarship
Scott R. Schulick Student Leadership Scholarship
Susan Spencer Briney Scholarship in Nursing
Swedish Central Society Scholarship
Thomas J. Cavalier Scholarship
Tom Pemberton Memorial Scholarships
Walter A. See Memorial Scholarship
William F. Maag, Jr. Scholarship
William F. Maag, Jr. Vindicator Scholarship
William H. Farnell Memorial Scholarship
William Jenkins Scholarship
William and Margaret Bresnahan Scholarship
William and Margaret Spencer Scholarship in Engineering, Mathematics and the Sciences
Wolves Club Scholarship
XI XI Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing Scholarship
YSU Retired Women's Club Scholarship
Youngstown State University Board of Trustees Scholarship