YSU Scholarship Search

Welcome to the Youngstown State University scholarship search. The site is designed to display scholarships given the criteria that you select. Provided are three alternative search methods:

Display All Scholarships

  • Display all the scholarships currently listed in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship's database.

Keyword Search

  • Select to search by the title or the description of the scholarship. If your search contains more than one word, select either "and" or "or" from the second drop down menu. If you have a multiple word search and select "and", the search will look for a title or description that contains all words entered. If you select "or", the search will display all scholarships that contain any of the words entered. For best results, limit searches to one or two words.

Category Search

  • The category search is designed to narrow down the number of scholarships displayed by the criteria that is selected. For best results, begin your search by using a broad search strategy (one category selected). Selections based on one criteria can then be narrowed down through the selection of multiple criteria. Scholarships that do not fit in each specific category are considered general scholarships and a successful search will also focus on this type of scholarship.