Day Care Assistance Application

Welcome to Youngstown State University's Day Care Assistance Application for the 2324 (aid year) Fall semester. The Day Care Assistance Program is offered to eligible students for the Fall and Spring semesters. The program is not offered in the summer.

Please read the following guidelines that govern the day care reimbursement program at YSU. Contact Michele Thomas, at 330-941-3501, if you have any questions regarding the terms listed.

  1. Students must be enrolled in classes during the semester for which they seek reimbursement
  2. Students may claim no more than two children, and their valid expenses
  3. Students are reimbursed only for the amount of out-of-pocket costs paid directly to the day care center (Funds received from outside sources are not reimbursed)
  4. Children of eligible students must be enrolled in a day care center licensed by the States of Ohio or Pennsylvania
  5. Children must be no older than 7 years of age to apply for reimbursement and qualify for day care assistance (The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships reserves the right to request applicants to submit a copy of the child's birth certificate)
  6. The day care center will be asked to verify the costs incurred
  7. Students must complete and submit an application form each semester no later than the last day for withdrawing with a grade of "W" for that semester
  8. Day care centers are contacted directly by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and instructed to verify services rendered, children's ages, and payments received from the applicant
  9. Some day care centers require students to sign a release of financial information before providing Youngstown State with records of payment; it is the student's responsibility to check with their day care center, and if necessary, sign the required paperwork

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