Is Distance Learning Right for You?

The distance learning environment works better for some students than for others. Complete this short quiz to get a feel for the distance environment and how it aligns with your educational needs and goals.

Use the buttons to rate yourself for each item. Then click the Submit button.

I enjoy learning and I get excited about taking a new course.
I am usually good at budgeting my time.
I have goals and I am motivated to achieve them.
I expect to spend as much time completing online coursework as I would an on-campus course.
I have good reading skills and I feel comfortable following written instructions.
I am comfortable expressing myself in writing.
I have access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection.
I am familiar with computer technologies and feel comfortable using them.
When doing a project or task, I generally complete it in the timeframe I anticipated at the outset.
When I run into a problem, I feel comfortable contacting the instructor.